About Dhony

Dhony Firmansyah is a Slide Designer & Trainer from Indonesia. He’s known as a national best selling author “Amazing Slide Presentation”. A national trainer that invited to speak, motivate, and train many companies and universities, specially about presentation and slide design.

Dhony Firmansyah also a Director of Kreasi Presentasi, national firm for Education and Optimizing Presentation that he formed in 2013. Dhony was a student of Microbiology that interest in nature,  design, culture and life phylosophies.

Nowadays, as a slide designer, he’s training approach is about compairing the origin traditions of Indonesia, with the depth meaning of presentation. Living in Surabaya, Indonesia and Kariya Aichi, Japan, two beautiful countries, rich of cultures, together with his wife (Istikumayati) and his childs (Nada Kumiko and Isam Naoki) made Dhony get many intuition to improve his presentation skill and design.

With his expertises, Dhony try to bring Indonesia’s culture to the world with presentation, “from Indonesia for the World”, he said.


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