12th Jan 2015

4 Tips for Better Slides Layout

If we talk about slides, it’s a tools that complete yout presentation with visual ways. So, if we want to satisfy our audiences, optimizing slides layout is a must. I...

26th May 2014

Macro Images for Your Slide

There are many images that we could put on slides, but to make sure that our messages received well by audiences, we must pick one of the right images. As...

03rd Feb 2014

Shapes Space

There are many ways to put fonts inside presentation slides with the high quality background. Some of them i’ve posted it in this blog. But this one was a classic...

01st Feb 2014

Sketch Design

Tired with old fasion of powerpoint presentation? Try my opinion, try to use sketch design. What is sketch design? In my book  Amazing Slide Presentation, i’ve already said that if...

24th Jan 2014

Lighting Technique

Sometimes I want to focus on an object inside Powerpoint slide, and make another objects undominant. There are many techniques you could do. One of them is using Photoshop to...

19th Oct 2013

Avoid this on Slide

Presentation is a best moment for us to share an idea. Persuade the audience that what we said was true. To make sure that our purpose reached, we must optimized...

12th Sep 2013

The Serif Character

Inside journalistic, there was a writing discipline that called typography. Typography is a science that learned font’s type and characters, mainly the block letters that used in a word processor...

28th Aug 2013

No Bullet Points

The Amazing Slide Presentation must have speaks. With stunning images, influence fonts, and comfortable colours. Construct the text so it’s big enough to show and read well. If the text...