28th Jan 2014

Presenting is not Easy

I’ve joined many trainings, seminar & workshop, some of speaker said that presenting was easy. For me, presenting is not easy. It will be easy if we only screaming without...

21st Oct 2013

No Need to Nervous

Presentation Nervous. For everyone, being nervous before deliver a presentation is normal. Even though for a professional presenter such as Garr Reynolds, Nancy Duarte, Steve Jobs, or Anthony Robbins, defeating...

16th Sep 2013

6 Secrets to Stick (2)

In the last article I’ve been posted about the first part of “6 Secrets to Stick” and this is the second part. How to make your presentation messages stick to...

09th Sep 2013

Art to Start Presentation

If you often going trip out of town, you will always passing one to another border of territory.   In Indonesia, the border usually signed by a traditional gate called “gapura”....

28th Aug 2013

6 Secrets to Stick (1)

Do you remember the story of Kancil & Cucumber? Or do you remember the Beginning of Tangkuban Perahu’s Mountain? Remember when you heard story of Red and White Onion? Perhaps...