11th Nov 2013

Presentation Content – Original Theme

We could say that makes a presentation theme was hard but also easy. What was that mean? You’ll see that many of great speaker giving an outstanding presentation, but we...

18th Sep 2013
wayang kulit

Wayang Kulit Scenario

Wayang kulit was the most famous culture of shadow play in Indonesia. Especially from Central Java. Wayang kulit was played at night and collaborate with gamelan the traditional music of...

02nd Sep 2013

Becak, Inspiring You

Becak is a traditional transportation from Indonesia. In China it called pedicab or rickshaw. Both of them used by human powers. But the difference is becak’s driver controlled behind the...

29th Aug 2013

Be Your Self

Do you know UNESCO? This United Nation branch institution had officially declare that Indonesia’s batik was the cultural heritage of the world. Batik well known as Indonesia’s original culture. Batik...