Slide Presentation Workshop

Slide Presentation Expert, Dhony Firmansyah is always ready tho share presentation tips with everyone. You’re welcome to contact our team to speaks, sharring, training and workshop. There are three topics of presentation that we can share with. There are:

  1. Amazing Slide Presentation inhouse training, a practical training to increase slide design skills (2 until 3 days training).
  2. Amazing Slide MiniMAX inhouse training, infographic & slide delivery workshop (2 days training).
  3. Amazing Slide Videographic inhouse training, how to optimize your presentation content & delivery (1 or 2 days training).

Contact us to invite Dhony Firmansyah and his team, visiting your companies or universities, and feel the difference of your presentation.


The Beauty of Indonesia

Coral Reef Park, Bunaken, Sulawesi, Indonesia


Beach Stone Park, Bangka Belitung, Sumatera, Indonesia

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