This are the Slide Presentation Expert, Dhony Firmansyah’s books:

Menjadi Pemenang Kehidupan” or Becoming the Winner of Life, was his first book. Published by National Publisher in Indonesia, Leutika Publisher (2010). This book wrote in Bahasa Indonesia. Give the readers step by step to succeed in life, with the worksheet inside. Dhony’s stories about his family, wife and childs describe beautifully in every pages. “Menjadi Pemenang Kehidupan” was one of the best selling book in Indonesia.

Inspirasi dari Alam” or Nature Inspiration, was the series of Dhony Firmansyah’s audio  CD.Collaborate with Smart FM radio in Indonesia (2011). Dhony Firmansyah speaks regularly in this radio station. The beauty of plants, inspiring action of animals, give the simple lesson for a brighter life. This CD series was one of the best motivational speaks that ever made.

4 cermin flora4 Cermin Flora” or Four Plant’s Mirrors was the second book. Published by the biggest national publisher in Indonesia, Gramedia Pustaka Utama (2012). Dhony Firmansyah was a Biologist. And “4 Cermin Flora” was the first Biology motivational book in Indonesia. Compare the plant physiologist, metabolism, with humanity, to build the perfect character of personality.  A must read book that can change your life.

Amazing Slide Presentation“, published by MediaKita (2013). Best selling book that describe about world class slide design. Inspired by Garr Reynolds (Presentation Zen Author), Nancy Duarte (Slideology author), and Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) speaks, make this book the most recommended reference for Indonesia’s presenters. This book also bring Dhony Firmansyah to train, teach, speaks in many companies and Universities arround nation. This books also raised his name as a Slide Presentation Expert from Indonesia.

“My Amazing Life” (Slid-ex, 2014) is a free ebook and tell us about Dhony Firmansyah family and their daily activities. Heart touching ebook  that give you a different perception about life and gratefullness. A story about his way from Indonesia to Japan. You can download this full ebook in this link (


“Amazing Slide MiniMAX” (Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2015) the newest book from Dhony Firmansyah, written at Japan. This book reveal the secret to design and deliver a slide presentation in two minutes. In this book, Dhony Firmansyah explain step by step to build an amazing presentation from a simple slide delivery.



The Beauty of Indonesia

Batik Handmade, Traditional Craft from Indonesia


Joglo, the traditional house architecture from Java, Indonesia.

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